New type Drain Cleanser

This product have been get the patent(No.02138426.6) in China. Its principle is to utilize the heat release from chemical reaction, raise temperature of the accumulated water in the drainpipe to 80¡æ,dissolve the greasy blockage and mashed soap, heat and soften the hair, fiber, vegetable leaves and putrid meat, then melted them with solvent, thus achieve the purpose of dredging the drainpipes. In addition, it has the function of cleaning dirty stain, clearing away peculiar smell and killing the pathogenic bacteria. It is widely applied to tubes made of all kinds of materials. This product doesn¡¯t corrode the drainpipe and house-hold hygiene utensils such as bathtub, washbasin and urinal. Therefore is is especially suitable for kitchens, toilet bathrooms and public place.

Net weight:
500g/plastic bottle